The Team

«Biovision works in the field, integrates scientific findings and is also active on the political level – this broad palette appeals to me. I consider the interplay of field work, science and policy making central to the achievement of global, sustainable change.»

Steffi Keller has been working for Biovision since October 2010. She began with an internship and now is Project Officer for the advocacy projects „Stop DDT“ and „Change of Course in Agriculture“. After her internship she was pleased to stay at Biovision as she enjoys the team dynamic and values the variety of cross-departmental collaboration. She also finds it exciting to be part of the interplay of field work, science and policy making.

Prior to beginning at Biovision, Steffi studied Human Geography, Political Science and Environmental Sciences at the University of Zurich. For her Masters degree, she analysed the sanitary infrastructure and treatment of wastewater in a Mumbai slum, in collaboration with the water research institute EAWAG of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. She was subsequently able to use the results to develop a project with the same starting point, over a six month period, for a German development organisation in Pune, India. The project was particularly concerned with strengthening awareness and participation among the local population for sanitary facilities. During her time in India, Steffi realised that, in the future, she would like to continue working in NGO projects that contribute to sustainable improvement of living conditions through holistic, ecological approaches and and keen participation of local populations.

In her free time and holidays, whenever she has the time, Steffi travels with her backpack. Places that have not been overrun by the tourist trade, such as Oman or Iran, have particular appeal for Steffi. She has just returned, inspired, from her first trip to Africa visiting Kenya and Uganda. Steffi also makes time for hiking, skiing and visits to the theatre in her freetime and holiday schedule.