The Team

 «At Biovision, our work on the ground is closely linked to our work in the area of national and international political dialogue – linking the two is both practical and highly effective.»

Sonja Tschirren manages the Biovision project “Changing Course in Global Agriculture” and so works at this interface to support both national and international processes.  A high point was the involvement in the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and in the wake of this the support provided for two national projects in Senegal and Ethiopia.

Sonja was originally a secondary school teacher and her involvement in international activities was primarily the result of an interest in foreign countries and languages. As a teenager she attended an Australian school for a year and also spent time in Spain whilst doing a degree in humanities and law. After completing her degree in Fribourg, Sonja moved to Rome where one of her jobs was on the Global Programme for Food Security run by SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. She has always had an interest in agriculture and between school and university worked on a farm for several months.

Sonja enjoys working with a young, multidisciplinary team and meeting a range of players from politics, science, private sector and non-governmental organisations.

In her free time, Sonja enjoys running and dancing and whenever possible she spends time singing classical musical and learning Arabic. She has always enjoyed travel, whether for work or pleasure and most recently enjoyed a holiday trip to India.