Honorary Award for Hans Rudolf Herren

Lammsbraeu_webYesterday, the German organic drinks manufacturer Lammsbräu presented its sustainability prize; consisting of seven categories, it included an honorary award for Biovision President Hans Rudolf Herren. “It was his tireless devotion to sustainable development that persuaded the Jury,” said Lammsbräu. The laudation was given by Christian Borgemeister, a long-standing associate of Hans Herren and former director of Biovision’s partner organisation icipe.  

Dr Franz Ehrnsperger, owner of Neumarkter Lammsbräu said “If, as a society, we really want to be sustainable, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo. We must try new things whilst continuing with the tried and tested. The aim of our sustainability award is to support good ideas, raise awareness of them and encourage others to emulate them. For the first time, we have awarded a prize for innovation that will, for example, encourage further development in the organic sector and facilitate the development of ecological livestock farming”.

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