CCGA Discussion Paper on SDGs well received

World food security and changing course in global agriculture are the top two priorities of the CCGA team in connection with the post 2015 development agenda. In cooperation with various NGOs and institutions, who share these priorities, the CCGA team published a Discussion Paper on 14 January 2015. It summarises not only the key messages but also the key concerns for the future negotiations on the “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). It is a response to the “Synthesis Report” published by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. The Discussion Paper examines both the options and obstacles on the road to food security for all and a change in the course of global agriculture. Finally, the discussion paper outlines effective tools and ways in which this change in agriculture can be achieved.

The World Resources Institute (WRI), a body that develops research-based solutions on sustainable systems in more than 50 countries, has included an article on the Discussion Paper in its latest Newsletter “Post-2015 Digest” (Issue 106). The Newsletter has a wide, international leadership and this article will serve to highlight our objectives.

In addition, the International Institute for International Development (IISD) has published a News item on the CCGA Discussion Paper on its website.

Discussion Paper: “Towards Achieving Food and Nutrition Security, and Changing Course in Global Agriculture”