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A step forward for agroecology in Africa

The First FAO African Agroecology Symposium took place on 5-6 November in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. Actors from a wide range of sectors came together to share ideas and experiences and to discuss opportunities to strengthen agroecology on the continent. Biovision Foundation and its partner organisations Biovision Africa Trust and The Millennium Institute… Read more »

CCGA Project progresses in Senegal

The Senegalese Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture has asked his team of experts, who work with the team of Changing Course in Global Agriculture (CCGA), to model the country’s Agriculture Policy Plan 2014-2017, the PRACAS. The model, based on the T21 modelling tool developed the Millennium Institute is expected to give answers to a… Read more »

Strengthened Collaboration of ENSAE and the Millennium Institute

ENSAE, the National School of Statistics and Economic Analysis in Senegal and the Millennium Institute have decided to join forces in order to strengthen planning capacities in Senegal. ENSAE intends to offer a graduate course in system dynamics – based on the planning model developed by the Millennium Institute – in order to fulfill the… Read more »