Millennium Institute

The Millennium Institute (millenniumlogo_smallMI) is a non-governmental organization with a vision of a world in which decision makers apply extensive knowledge and a systemic perspective to bring about a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful global society. MI strives to realize its vision by enabling decision makers to use system dynamics thinking and tools to analyze and understand the interconnectedness between economic, social, environmental factors, and issues of peace and security.

MI works at the cutting edge of international development, combining three decades of technical excellence and vast field experience in the macro analysis of economic, social, and environmental development challenges. In its 30 years experience, MI has assisted more than 40 nations and regional groups to outline policies to achieve countrywide sustainable development goals.

MI’s demonstrated understanding of the complexity of and interrelationships among policies in each sector has helped to create greater and more open dialog among stakeholders in the formulation of policies. Using dynamic and interactive modeling tools, the impacts of sector and stakeholder concerns are analyzed in the context of each other, leading to stronger policy formulations meant to achieve results. To empower countries to take full ownership of their development agenda, MI transfers the knowledge and skills to use our modeling tools.