Monthly Archives: July 2016

Biovision gives presentation to the UN on project “Changing Course in Global Agriculture”

Current agriculture and food systems are far from being sustainable and the methods used in food production are questionable and often detrimental to the environment; almost 800 million people have insufficient food. Since the adoption in September 2015 of Agenda 2030 and the associated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there has been a hope that… Read more »

Honorary Award for Hans Rudolf Herren

Yesterday, the German organic drinks manufacturer Lammsbräu presented its sustainability prize; consisting of seven categories, it included an honorary award for Biovision President Hans Rudolf Herren. “It was his tireless devotion to sustainable development that persuaded the Jury,” said Lammsbräu. The laudation was given by Christian Borgemeister, a long-standing associate of Hans Herren and former… Read more »